What You Should Consider Before Chartering A Bus

Chartering a bus may seem like an easy to task to many, like purchasing products online. Unfortunately, that is not the case as we have different needs and wants when it comes to bus chartering for trips. Thus, there should be more thought put into the chartering process than you think.

It is crucial for you to understand what kind of bus is best suited for you and your group. In this article, we will be discussing the 7 pointers to consider before you jump into chartering a bus.

Plan Out Your Budget And Cost

Budgeting is a key component when we plan for a trip. We should always have an estimated cost to roughly gauge the amount required. Therefore, before you tell your group of friends, “we are getting a charter bus for our trip!”, always ask them their budget before sourcing for charter bus companies.

It is good practice for us to have a budget in mind before approaching any bus charter companies for a quotation. Narrowing down your options allow you to determine if you want to engage their service. Additionally, you would not have a difficult time choosing between the types of packages offered.

You should also note that the prices differ with your itinerary. There are surcharges if your booking falls within a peak period or if your charter runs into midnight. With a well-planned out budget, you can efficiently allocate it and have a clearer picture when you make amendments. You wouldn’t want to fall into a situation where you’ve placed a booking only to realize that you must cut down the cost of accommodation.

Wifi Access

Entertainment is a must for most of us when travelling. Most charter buses have wireless internet and power outlets for charging devices. Nevertheless, be sure to confirm with the charter bus company before booking if this is something important to your entourage.

With Wifi access, your group members can play online games together or share photos of the trip on social media. Have a fun time during your journey with good music and entertaining shows.

Ensure A Correct Headcount

The last thing you want is for your group to not fit into the charter bus. Note down the correct headcount of your group before booking the charter bus to ensure that there is sufficient space for everyone.

Once you do so, you can determine if the charter bus company has a suitable vehicle to meet you request. For instance, if you have a group of 20 people, you would not require a charter bus that caters to 50 people. In turn, you might need extra space if you have more baggage. Therefore, it is crucial to make the right choice between a minibus and a charter bus.


A minibus is best for groups of 30 passengers or fewer. Most minibuses have reclining seats; they do not have much luggage space. They are an excellent shuttle for events such as weddings or short trips.

Charter Bus

Charter buses are best for larger groups, they can accommodate up to 49 passengers. Thanks to their size, they come with more amenities like additional luggage space and legroom. They are an excellent shuttle for long-distance travelling.

If Food and Drinks Allowed on The Bus

We all like to snack during long-distance travel, especially if there are no rest stops in between. Most charter buses allow food and drinks on the bus; however, it is best to check with the bus company if they allow eating and drinking in their vehicles.

Do be considerate when you snack in the bus and pick up any loose bits that drop. Take note that if your group spills or leaves their trash behind, you might be liable for cleaning fees. That is an unnecessary additional cost to your budget that you should avoid.

Although most charter buses have a trash wastebasket on the bus. Nevertheless, try to bring along a disposable plastic bag to store your food wrappers and tissue in. You would never know when it might come in handy during your trip, and your bus driver will definitely appreciate your kind act.

Consider the Type of Service You Require

Not all charter bus services are the same. You would need to pick the type of service that best suits your itinerary. Consider if you need a 1-way service where the designated driver picks up your group at one point and drops you off at your destination or do you need a round trip service. Another alternative for you would be renting a bus to ferry your entourage around for the whole duration of the trip. This is recommended if you have many destinations in your itinerary which require transportation.

If Pets Are Allowed on Board


If you plan to bring your pets along, do check with the bus company as some companies have a no-pets policy. Some bus companies have more relaxed guidelines where you can bring your pets along, as long as your pet is leashed or in a carrier.

When Should You Book The Bus

To ensure you get the best bus rates, we would recommend booking at least 1 – 3 months in advance. This would ensure that you are allocated a slot and vehicle type that you require for your trip. Last-minute bookings might put you and your group on the spot as availability is limited. During peak seasons, like school holidays, we recommend that you book at least 6 months in advance to secure your booking.

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