Why Bus Is The Right Transportation Mode For Your Travels

buses lined up for timely transportation

2020 is most definitely not the best year for the travel sector as recreational air travel is essentially impossible and not advisable at this moment. Such a situation has definitely put a dampened to our mood this holiday season. But wait, have you ever thought about planning a trip by bus?

An enticing idea isn’t it? Make yourself comfortable and stay with us a little while longer. Let us give you the insight scoop on why bus travel is the way to go to satisfy the wanderlust in you this upcoming holiday.

While many travel blogs provide insider tips on air travels, many of them have completely overlook the idea of creating write-ups about helpful tips when travelling in buses. This is rather unfortunate because more and more people are utilizing travelling by bus. Thus, buses remain a practical means of transportation and the demand for them is strong.

In a bid to turn the tables around, let us explore some of the many reasons why travelling by bus is often preferred over air travel.

Bus Travel Is Often Cheaper

In comparison to airline tickets, bus tickets will always be much more affordable. While some air carriers can lure travellers with attractive deals, these fees can quickly add up upon checkout. Moreover, you will be charged with airport taxes, checked baggage fee and even perks such as extra legroom. In buses, on the other hand, everything is already included in the price that you pay upfront. Aside from that, buying bus tickets is completely hassle-free and you can purchase them a day or two before your trip.

Opting for a bus is the logical choice if you are planning an upcoming trip and wanting to stay on budget. With buses, you can save hundreds and potentially even a few thousand bucks each year. With all things considered, bus travel is by far the wiser choice for those who want to explore new destinations without breaking the bank.

Buses Can Deliver A More Comfortable Journey

If you have spent a long period on a plane, then you are probably familiar with the inconvenience that comes with it. While you can stand up and move around in theory, most passengers may find it troublesome. For instance, going to the restroom might cause some disruption especially when you are seated farthest from the aisle. If you think that is all, then you are sorely mistaken. After crawling out from that cramped space, expect to wrestle through service trolleys and other wandering passengers.

Luckily, you are not required to go through such struggles when travelling by bus. In fact, bus travel is as comfortable as any car journey, if not more so. Plus, noise should be the least of your concerns since bus journeys can easily be as quiet as a ride in your own vehicle. Unlike plane journeys, buses do not create a lot of inherent hustle and bustle. Therefore, passengers can easily put on their favourite pair of headphones, tune themselves out, sit back and relax.

Typically, buses are designed for a pleasant ride. This essentially means that passengers can expect to have a smooth, comfortable trip throughout their long journey. What makes travelling by bus much better is that it stops during the journey for a short rest. Frankly, this is likely one of the best things about bus travel. Travellers are essentially allowed to walk around freely, stretch their legs and get some fresh air. In addition to that, they can recharge their batteries by getting some snacks and beverages as well. For destinations accessible by land, buses are better alternative to travel by as you need not worry about any bad weather or turbulence.

Buses Provide Power Outlets & Free Wifi

Nowadays, there are plenty of bus carriers that offer passengers free wifi for the entire duration of a trip. Having good access to wifi onboard means business travellers can make full use of their time by staying productive and getting important work done. For regular travellers, they can also utilize their time and catch up on the latest Netflix releases.

Whereas airlines continue to make you spend more than your average internet bill for the perks of spending an hour online during your flight. Another interesting fact about buses is that they are much fancier than most airplanes. Majority of the buses are well-equipped with power outlets to keep your gadgets charged. Additionally, buses usually have the most comfortable seats with every passenger’s dream – extra legroom. What more can you ask for?

Buses Do Not Require Endless Security Lines 

Often times, security check-points in airports can be quite frustrating and stressful for many travellers. We are highly aware that security checkpoints were not invented with the sole purpose of aggravating anxious travellers. But consider yourself lucky if your perfect outfit is not completely messed up during those tedious security checks. However, prepare to walk barefoot on a dubious surface and who knows? You might even be the “lucky” traveller whose bag is randomly selected for further inspection.

Fortunately, passengers do not have to go through that embarrassment when travelling by bus. If you do choose to travel via bus, you can show up at the station at any time. Heck, you can arrive literally few minutes before departure and still be in your merry way.

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