What Essentials To Pack When Travelling On A Bus

Some travellers may find the idea of long road trips exhilarating while others find it daunting. This can especially be the case when you organize a group trip, which includes many considerations and some research. 

Planning a large group trip can be overwhelming, from finding a suitable rental bus to making sure everyone is entertained. It just shows that there is plenty to think about before hitting the road. When renting a private charter bus, you get to enjoy its comfortable seating and all the modern amenities. Thus, giving you the ultimate freedom to stretch and relax during the ride. If you prefer spending your time productively, fun bus ride games with your group are always a great idea. Additionally, renting a bus helps in eliminating your concerns on checking the map or looking for parking. 

While making sure the rides are comfortable and fun, there are lots of little ways that can enhance your experience. For instance, dressing in comfortable clothes adds to an overall more enjoyable trip. Here is a short list of things that can help you make a great trip even better. 

Portable Wifi

“But this is my chance to disconnect and live in the moment!”

Although we agree with you to a certain extent, we also believe that the internet is something that travellers rely heavily on. The use of portable wifi is crucial for accessing information like bus timetables, important emails or communicating with loved ones. Places such as the airports, cafes and hotels do provide wifi but these networks are not necessarily safe. With open networks, you are increasing your chance of becoming a victim to cyber attacks.  

Many bus companies offer wifi onboard but having a working connection is a different story. With a portable wifi device of your own, you will be the only person using that network. As such, you should not need to worry about slow connections. Moreover, you are guaranteed with secured connections across all of your devices.  

Most of the public networks we connect to while travelling are open networks, which is unsafe. This can easily give anyone the access to sensitive information such as your username, password as well as credit card numbers. Hence, why owning a portable wifi device when travelling is massively important.  


When travelling long distance or at night, entertainment is key. Most charter buses offer a selection of movies while others offer close to nothing. That said, you should always come prepare when planning a long journey. Netflix offers a good range of movies and a neat feature where you can download movies or shows to your devices. This is a game changer for those long bus rides because you can now watch your favourite movies or shows offline. Remember to bring earphones and portable power banks on board as well. 

Other productive ways to keep yourself entertained while travelling a long distance is to catch up with some good readings. This is both a pleasurable and educational activity you can indulge in while killing some time. However, reading excessively in a moving vehicle can be straining to the eyes. Therefore, passengers are advised to take down a notch and rest every once in a while. Otherwise, you can always download audio e-books and listen to them as you please.   

If you are travelling with big groups, bring out the fun by playing some group games. This is a great friends and family bonding time. In addition to that, you can make the most of your time in-between locations. Here are some fun game ideas you and your group can participate in: 

  • Would You Rather– Ask your group questions where you need to choose between two scenarios. For instance, you might ask, “Would you rather have a golden voice or a silver tongue?” 
  • Name That Tune – One player can choose to sing or hum a line of a song. While the other players have to guess the title of the song. The person who guesses the song correctly chooses the next song. Another version of the game can be played similarly with a radio or a playlist from your devices. 
  • Two Truths & A Lie – Each player tells everyone three things about themselves – two true and one false. While the rest must guess which are the truths and which is the lie. The player who succeeds in fooling everyone scores a point. 



Whether or not you have experienced uneasiness on a trip before, travel medications are part of the essential items. If you are travelling long-distance, be sure to bring along prescriptions you take regularly. 

Remember that every drug has potential side effects. Some medications may bring harm particularly to children, pregnant women or individuals with allergies or medical conflicts. It is advisable to consult your doctor before carrying on any new course of medication.  

Good selection of over-the-counter remedies or herbal supplements can make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. The following is a roundup of the most common maladies, along with suggested travel medication for each. 

  • Diarrhea– The most common and arguably most uncomfortable sickness to get when you are travelling, especially on the road. This is often caused by contaminated food or water and can happen anywhere. It is worth noting to bring an anti-diarrheal medication with you to help ease the trouble. 

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  • Motion Sickness– Like any other maladies, queasiness can surely ruin your travels as well. Instead of confining yourself to a trip of nausea and dizziness, come prepared with medications. However, drowsiness can occur when you consume them.  

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  • Cough Drops– When travelling, the risk of you getting sick increases. This is simply because your germ exposure skyrockets. With over-the-counter cough drops, you can bring temporary relief to a sore or dry throat. This also helps in ‘silencing’ your cough so fellow travellers will not be disturbed. 

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The importance of hygiene when travelling on the road for an extended period of time should be given more attention. While it is crucial for everyone to practice good personal hygiene, women especially should maintain them. This is simply because women are more susceptible to being infected when using unclean toilets. 

Although toilet papers are usually readily available, you can never count on them, so having tissue packets in your bag is essential. Another great reason to bring these is you might need to wipe your hands or clean surfaces near your seat. 

Another essential toiletry is everything you need to keep your mouth fresh and protected from bacteria. Consider taking a toothbrush, preferably one with a cap to keep the bristles clean and a travel-sized toothpaste. Alternatively, you can bring a small roll of dental floss if you wish to cut down on size and weight. 


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