The seats of a coach bus in Singapore can range from 13 to 49 seats. Here is the full range of buses with various seat configurations that can accommodate up to 49 passengers.

Common Sizes of Charter Buses:

Buses are an excellent transportation option for bringing a group of people to their destination. Having various types of buses, from the smallest size – 13-seater to a 49-seater, allows charter bus companies to maximise their inventory. From a consumer point of view, you would only be paying for what you need and not more.

Be it a personal or corporate event, a bus offers a suitable mode of transport. Your choice of bus size depends on your budget and intended usage. For example, you may only have 12 guests, but a 19 seater bus could be ideal to accommodate them with their extra luggage. If your budget allows for accommodating the extra transport expense, you would be providing your guests a much better experience with a bigger charter bus.

Type of Services

The cost of bus charter in Singapore also differs by the journey requested. Here is a variety of common services for your selection:

  • 1 Way Transfer: This is a basic service of picking up passengers from the initial point and dropping them off at their destination. The service would conclude at this point.
  • 2 Way Transfer: This service transports passengers to and fro from their destination. Another term for this is called a round trip.
  • Disposal: The term ‘disposal’ in the Private Bus Charter Singapore industry means that the bus is at your disposal to be used freely. Passengers can select a starting and ending time. When the time is over, the vehicle is then returned to the service provider.
  • Shuttle Service: A rotation service between the initial and final destination over an agreed amount of time. Eg. Pick up and drop off every hour from 9 am-6 pm, on weekdays.

Going the Extra Mile

coach bus transportation service provider offers more than just the typical services of picking up and dropping off passengers. They provide a range of services that would address various needs of the passengers.

Customisation is a beneficial feature that allows passengers to choose services based on duration. 1 way, 2 way, and disposal are short term arrangements whereas shuttle services belong to a longer-term agreement.  

As mentioned above, a good private bus charter service can fully customise their vehicles and drivers to accommodate their passengers’ needs. Drivers and vehicles can be assigned according to variables such as the number of destinations and passenger types.

For longer trips with additional destinations or duration spanning over multiple days, the schedule and experience of the driver should be taken into consideration.

Accommodating Different Passengers

Passenger types are categorised into adults, children, elderly and the mobility-impaired, this can help bus service providers to ensure that their passengers’ needs are met. Examples of customisation include providing booster seats for young children or changing the vehicle to accommodate wheelchair-bound passengers.      

Other services can improve the passengers’ journey include planning for the frequency of toilet pitstops or food checkpoints. Little details such as these can make the journey a pleasant one.

Common Reasons for Hire:

  • Corporate Function: Most companies usually require transportation for corporate functions or events. Private bus chartering services is the best solution to transport a corporate group as the operations plan is greatly simplified. Passengers are ensured to reach on time for events, or at very least will have their locations accountable to management.


  • City day tours: Charter Buses are great for transporting a group of people with up to 49 pax in Singapore. It allows the tour group to leave and stay together to ensure that no one gets left behind.


  • Wedding Occasion: A charter bus service can be used to transport all of your guests to your wedding venue. When a charter bus service is engaged, the coordination and transit between venues is simplified. On a busy day such as your wedding, the last thing that you should be worried about is the movement of your guests. Lay your concerns to rest and focus instead on enjoying your magical day.


  • Family Outing: Large families can engage a charter bus service on festive periods that involve visitation of multiple attractions. This makes travelling as a group easier and is considerate for younger children and the elderly who are incapable of travelling by themselves.


  • School Excursions: Another common use of a charter bus service is for school excursions. Apart from staying together, bus charter services ensure the safety of students while also providing them a common space for bonding.

Transporting Guests and Tourists

Airport Transfers involve the direct transportation for groups between the airport and hotels or event venues. By having all passengers being transported together, their comfort is ensured while you would have less work coordinating the transport plan.  In addition, complimentary services such as a meet and greet could further smoothen your foreign guests’ itinerary.

Belonging security is another value add that bus charter companies can provide. For 2-way transfers or disposal services, a good private charter bus service provider would allow passengers to leave their belonging on the bus. This provides convenience, security assurance and gives them a peace of mind to focus only on their events.

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